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We have a range of crystal maze-type team-building games that can be incorporated into a number of day or half-day formats:

Raft building day - as the morning activity

Dragon boat racing - as the morning activity

As part of an 'It's a knockout day' or family fun day

These games are transportable to be part of another event


Hidden in the trees is a giant web. The whole team have to pass through the web without alerting the spider. Holes disappear as used or if touched. The skill to success is in teamwork and careful planning.

The team need to work together to create a language using musical instruments, so listening is vital. This language is then used to guide the team through the minefield. This is great for leadership and communication skills.

The team is required to negotiate and course and a pair of skis. The team must discuss and concentrate on working together. A game of pure coordination and planning skills.

2 teams line up and attempt to project the marble down the course through a set of pipes...KEEP YOU COOL !!!
Can your team negotiate the dreaded snake pit without disastorous consequences ...WORK AS A TEAM !!!
Pure teamwork will allow your team to puzzle the number pyramid challenge......
The team is split up and the land based crew are given the task of replenishing the island's water supplies given waterways and canes. Many problems have to be overcome to succeed in the challenge which requires concentrated teamwork.
These weapons are replicas of the now banned full-bore pistols and revolvers. Powered by COČ, they fire airgun pellets but handle just like the real thing, without the recoil and they can be extremely accurate over short distances.
The players use a modified shotgun to fire an infrared beam at clays launched from a conventional clay launcher whenever a trigger is pulled, the control module/scoreboard generates the shotgun 'bang' and when a player hits the target it reproduces the sound of a breaking clay


The team's questions can range from simple, yet vexing, questions to the complicated professor-type conundrums. A series of ever-more complicated puzzles are presented to the team to solve in a 20-minute period.

The team selects a shepherd whose job is it is to herd his team mates into a central pen. This is done using sounds and not words. The sheep are blindfolded with sheep's heads and scattered. This is an excellent game for strategy planning and communication skills.

Each team is given its own box of building components. They are given a time limit to design, build and test their egg launcher. Practice is carried out with test eggs and each team will compete to see whose design will launch a real egg the furthest. Bonus points are awarded if a team member can catch the egg cleanly without it breaking
Canoeing sessions use our 2 person 14 foot ranger canoes and can be ideal for those who are looking for additional stability. We will make a number of teams and organise a water polo contest or similar. Kayaking sessions use our single person piranha master kayaks and allow individuals to explore their own competency levels.

Archery team building can be delivered in many forms to enhance leadership skills, communication skills and decision making. What ever your team needs are, archery team building is an effective and fun solution. We also offer crossbows as a variation on this theme.


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Raft building day and dinghy sailing for  team building, company fun day  or hen parties

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Contact us on 07976 422950 for venues, prices and availability for these activities

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Contact us on 07976 422950 for venues, prices and availability for these activities

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Contact us on 07976 422950 for venues, prices and availability for these activities

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Contact us on 07976 422950 for venues, prices and availability for these activities

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